My inspiration behind the Haute Hippie Collection …
Owens wearing The Divine Embroidered Coat

It began in August 2015. I was at the Atlanta Apparel Mart, exhibiting my line. Being my first trade show (kind of a big deal for an emerging designer), I wanted to get the most out of the experience. Buyer traffic was off and on, so I took a couple “research” breaks to walk around and observe other showrooms. I noticed an overwhelming presence of boho, festival looking clothing, and buyer attraction to it. I didn’t really get it. Do women really want to dress like hippies, festival hopping in a Scooby doo van? (One exhibitor actually had a van in their showroom.) Is this boho actually considered chic? Should these clothes cost as much as they do, especially  if they’re trying to look carefree? And, how carefree can one be spending so much on distressed, fringy (sometimes see through) pieces that to me look unfinished? (Disclaimer: No offense if this is your style. I respect it!)

I was confused, but figured it was a trend that would pass in a season or two. I monitored it out of curiosity. Year after year, the trend just grew. Today, it is not only a trend, but a clothing genre here to stay. Think of brands like “Revolve” and “Free People” and how much they have blown up in the past 4 years. Think of Coachella and how it’s becoming an equal parts fashion and music event. 

So this intro of observation and confusion is really how my Haute Hippie Collection came to be a few years later. 

Emerald Goddess Maxi Dress


The Look …

As a designer (and overall human), I try to always stay authentic to myself and point of view. I can’t hop on a trend that isn’t in line with my signature style, just for sales. However I knew one day I would love the challenge of creating a collection that brings elements of this boho spirit, into pieces for the modern, fierce, sophisticated woman I like to design for. I am all about the details and polished bringing together of clothing. So I embodied the free spirit, flower child vibe, through some colorful hand embroidered details, placed on well tailored clothing.

The Divine Embroidered Coat


The Fit …

Once I had the aesthetic in mind, I decided to do it in a way that embodies my atelier experience. In case you’re not familiar, my atelier line consists of made to order, custom clothing. There is no such thing as one small fits all smalls, or one medium fits all mediums, etc. Once clothing passes a certain price point, I feel women deserve more than these cookie cutter sizes (if possible to provide). In a perfect world, we would have all our clothing custom made for us (and for free, amirite?). Since this is rarely accessible, I call my atelier line an experience more than anything, and this collection had to be a part of it.

Glow Sequin Blazer, Fluid Sequin Palazzo Pants


The Intention …

Last but not least, I worked with a team who is truly passionate about sustainability. Let me start by saying that this area is new to me and I am not an expert at it by any means. It also is not going to become my signature thing. However I wanted to use organic, sustainable materials wherever possible (and will do so again in the future). This combined with the made to order aspect, and hand made details, makes for good conscious pieces worth investing in. I feel strongly as a designer that if you see the value you provide your customers in more than just look, then you are doing your job well, regardless of whether you have 10 shoppers or 100.

Belle Fleur Organic Blouse, Glow Sequin Shorts

That’s the story and inspiration in a nutshell. I love to share a story with my clothing. Thank you for reading mine! If you have any questions on any pieces, or having any custom made for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can see the full collection HERE and follow the atelier line instagram for more imagery.



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