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Simple Rules To Wearing Sequins

Simple Rules To wearing sequins Whether people like to admit it or not, sequins are always in trend. This however, happens to be the year … Continue reading "Style"


Primary Colors & Plunging Necklines

Primary Colors & Plunging Necklines  The Trends  Bold primary (and secondary) colors, as well as plunging necklines were two trends seen on the runway this … Continue reading "Style"


6 Rules To Wearing Florals

6 rules to wearing florals  As  someone who will wear ALL the prints and not think twice, it surprised me to learn recently from a … Continue reading "Style"


La Vie En Rose

LA VIE EN ROSE- Looking at fashion through rose-colored glasses The mantra …   “Fashion is a language. Style is how you speak it. Speak … Continue reading "Style"