Simple Rules To wearing sequins

Whether people like to admit it or not, sequins are always in trend. This however, happens to be the year they are making an even bigger statement, all the way into children’s fashion. My youngest will be wearing his flipping sequin Spiderman shirt until it becomes a crop top! Sequins were a trend seen at New York Fashion Week as well. My favorite sequin look seen on the runway was brought by Sherri Hill.

As much as I adored all the looks on that runway, I am fully aware the full sequin dress opportunities in women’s lives are few. So I curated a look that will take some of that wow factor and translate it into life moments that are not quite so extra.

I picked this skirt because the patterns are unique, the colors are soft and feminine, and it is easy to wear. How can a sequin skirt be easy to wear (I’m sure you are wondering)? It has some stretch which make the fit versatile, and the colors match neutral tops well (whites, grays, and black). If you are going to own a piece of blingy anything, you want to make sure it’s a fail proof match for some top options you own, or are comfortable wearing.

Rather than talk about this particular look anymore (which is pretty self explanatory) I will share some simple to follow rules on how to wear sequins so you can create your own:


Wearing sequins, or anything with sparkle or bling, is essentially a balancing act. Always try to pair your busy sparkly piece with something solid and muted. For example, I paired this sequin skirt with a silky ribbed tank top that I would throw on with jeans on any given day. It allows the skirt to be the focal point, and makes the look transition well from casual chic to a dressy outing. I also recommend keeping the shoes on the simple side, especially if you are petite like me.


When wearing sequins, you are basically walking jewelry. So, keep jewelry to a minimum and only add it if you feel it’s necessary to create balance or tie the look together.

3- OWN IT:

Commit to the look and own it. It’s very easy to get excited about wearing sequins and/or sparkly clothes, however once you get out there and others are not twinning you, you need to keep that excitement and never get self conscious that you might be overdressed.


If you are wearing sequin bottoms, keep your necklines conservative to keep the look sophisticated. Pairing sequins bottoms with a very low cut top can cheapen the look and take away from the chic potential.


Use the shiny to direct attention where you want it. This tip is similar to my recommendation on how to wear floral prints; you basically take the loud details and use them as arrows telling people where to look (or where not to).

So there you have it! Have fun and try something new and blingy. Not ready for a skirt, try a sequin top and skinny jeans!

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