Meet Salwa

 At a time when female empowerment was yet to become a cultural trend, Owens’ passion for it stemmed from her own inspiration to achieve it for herself. In the midst of being a stay-at-home mom to three small children and putting her career goals on the back burner, Owens realized one very important thing; women connecting with their passion and purpose outside of cultural expectations placed upon them, is key to their overall well-being. So with kids in tow, tight budget trips to the fabric store, several all-nighters between baby feedings, and a fiercely determined spirit, Owens set out to do the one thing she knew she was meant to do: empower women through the joy of fashion.

Owens went from pattern making and sewing her designs one by one to sell on Etsy, to hiring two seamstresses and launching her first namesake label and e-commerce site, to mass producing in Los Angeles and selling at select boutiques, to adding a couture line made overseas, all in the first two years. The whirlwind journey of manifesting her vision for her business has become the very core essence of the brand. Above creating beautiful clothing, Owens’ goal has always been to share her journey and inspire women to go for their dreams, regardless of their circumstances.

A firm believer that true beauty and authentic empowerment stem from within, Owens has stepped outside the fashion designer box and grown her brand to encompass additional areas she is passionate about sharing with women. In addition to her fashion label, curated collections, and services, the brand now encompasses her fitness program, Fierce Fitness, and blog covering spirituality, confidence and purpose building, mom life, and beauty.

With much perseverance, dedication, and faith that God is in control, Salwa Owens has organically evolved her brand to be what it is today: a reflection of her wholehearted purpose to


Fashion Design | FIDM . Los Angeles, CA

BBA International Business  |  University of Georgia . Athens, GA

Business French | Institut de Touraine . Tours, France

Fashion Group International , 2 year board member.

Owens is the founder of a healing blanket Christian ministry run through her church, which she started in memory of her stillborn baby. Through her business, she has also worked with and given back to Susan G. Komen, Dolls For Daughters, Girls, Inc., and Estaine.