Meet Salwa

“With great power comes great responsibility..” 

Those words came loud and clear during a chat with my guides years ago; ironically enough during a time I felt I had no power, and my only responsibility was keeping three little ones clean and fed.  

The tools I had to work with when I started my business in 2012 (that I was consciously aware of at least) – an International Business degree, a Fashion Design degree, a superhuman ability to multitask and function on little sleepunlimited drive and dedication to grow a successful fashion business.  

The tools revealed to me along the way I was actually blessed to work with a commitment to my spiritual journey and gifts, which were unfolding rapidly once I accepted thema passion for growing a non-cookiecutter brand to inspire others in their full authentic expression; a desire to grow an impactful soul aligned business, whatever form that might take in the physical.  

Once tapped into those tools, the “one woman hustle show” stopped. I stepped into the journey of co-creating with spirit. I added consciousness and purpose to fashion, incorporated dance, events, experiences, and more still unfolding. Each day I feel blessed and honored to check in with my guides, see how they want to work through meand we GO, CREATE, and most importantly, EXPRESS!  

My power comes from BEing in that freedom and my responsibility is simply to inspire others in their divine expression through SOUL, BEAUTY and MOVEMENT. Stepping into that knowing has been a beautiful thing.  


Fashion Design | FIDM . Los Angeles, CA

BBA International Business  |  University of Georgia . Athens, GA

Business French | Institut de Touraine . Tours, France

Fashion Group International , 2 year board member.

Owens is the founder of a healing blanket ministry, which she started in memory of her stillborn baby. Through her business, she has also worked with and given back to several non-profits and continues to align her events to always do so.