FIERCE Fitness is a dance fitness class created for women to get in their best shape, from the inside out! Get ready to burn calories, tone your body, have FUN, learn new moves, and MOST importantly build CONFIDENCE in the movement of your body. It brings together the best of both worlds; a high cardio workout and a creative choreography dance class. All levels welcome and no dance experience needed. All you need is YOU, ready to step out of the box, try something new, and power your fierce!





Before I discovered my passion for fashion, my first passion was DANCE! 

I remember the day that was instrumental in discovering this like it was yesterday. I was in 8th grade and unintentionally ended up in high school dance team auditions with my big sis who REALLY wanted to try out. I went out of curiosity, not fully knowing why. Auditioning for anything meant potential rejection which was not in my life plan. Once I got past the insecurities of being (in my mind) not good enough, not thin enough, and too different, I decided to just go for it. After a week-long audition, I made it! Seeing my name on a list and becoming part of a team was a first. Learning I was going to have to wear a leotard every day was terrifying. Realizing I was going to get to dance every day was EVERYTHING! Finally, I found “my thing.”  

I danced my way through high school, became captain of the team, and made two college dance teams after that. I was hooked and I loved it. Not just for the workout; I loved the creative expression, the empowering feeling of performing, and what it did to my confidence. The ability to get on stage and do something I loved while completely tuning out what others might be thinking is a feeling I think all of us women should apply to our everyday lives.  

My dancing years came to a halt in my early 20’s. After a tedious professional sports team dance audition (name shall rename anonymous to protect the innocent), I made it to the finals but did not make the team. Getting so far into the process and then not quite making the team was a painful shot to my self-confidence. The message I allowed this experience to send to me was, “You’re good Salwa, but you’re not quite good enough. Time to move on and adult.”  

Several years later, as a busy mom of three on survival mode, trying to get my fashion business off the ground, I found myself coming full circle. I wanted my inner child to be active and balance out the stress of life through the joy of dance. But where to start? I tried some adult dance classes at a couple studios, and dance fitness formats at a few gyms. Each was a great experience in helping me get back into dancing, but I realized I had a unique idea of what I wanted, and it wasn’t quite out there. I wanted the cardio workout from a dance fitness class, but I also knew the artistic expression and performance element from a studio dance class was key to the confidence-building. And last but not least, the class dynamic needed to embrace individuality and inclusivity. I wanted to create a class where women from all walks of life, and shapes and sizes, could comfortably step out of their box, feel empowered, and have fun! This is no longer a competition or an audition to be part of any team. This is about encouraging each individual to be fiercely themselves. So, I did the work, got Group X certified, became a gym rat for a while to get in instructor-worthy shape, taught at a gym for about a year to get practice, and created Fierce Fitness!