6 rules to wearing florals 

As  someone who will wear ALL the prints and not think twice, it surprised me to learn recently from a personal styling client who “does not do florals”, that it’s actually a thing to write off certain prints. Although florals are not my signature print, I believe there’s a way to pull ‘almost’ anything off, and make it your own, with the proper styling.  

Here are my 6 simple rules to keep in mind when wearing florals.


Keeping the overall look balanced is key. When you wear something floral; in particular a one-piece such as a dress, romper, or jumpsuit, you got your flare covered. There’s little room for more before you enter piñata status (gotta love when my ethnic side kicks in with these references). Keep accessories to a minimum.  

If I were wearing a strapless romper in a solid color, like this one, I’d pile on some necklaces and accessories.

However, this one has a bright floral print, and two tiers of fabric. Sticking to minimal, muted colored accessories is key to keep the look polished. For jewelry, I stuck to one item, these neutral pair of silky fringe earrings .

For shoes, I also stuck to a nude color; keeping the look put together, styled, but not overdone.

I would highly recommend you fight the urge to wear that cute necklace that has the matching flowers. You are too fierce to look like a flower bush.  


Large prints give the impression of a greater surface area. On that same note, the smaller the print, the smaller the frame appears to the untrained eye. If you are of more generous proportions and want to appear smaller, go with smaller patterns, and vice versa (although let’s face it, who really wants to appear larger ever).  

Choose florals with flowers that are no larger than your hand span; think anything between 3-5in per flower.


The pattern will call attention to where it is placed. Put that print to work! Use it to direct attention where you want it, and take it away from where you don’t. Don’t like your thighs but want to try wearing white pants? Wear them with a floral print top and that will detract from your bottom half. Having a bloated day? Wear a solid black top with some floral print pants. You see where I’m going here? We’ll call it the floral shuffle, and it can work to your advantage if you do it right.  


Unless you’re an Olsen twin or a Tarot card reader from the 90’s, I’d strongly advice you not to wear oversized lose clothing in floral prints. It will translate as frumpy and add at least 10 pounds to your frame. If this is your thing and you just can’t help yourself, keep it short and show some leg, or find a way to cinch the waist to show there’s a body in there (and not two). 


I’m all about being fashion forward and mixing prints, however mixing prints when a floral is involved is only for the brave and seasoned fashionistas. If you want to be bold, add an edgy piece like a leather jacket, to your floral, but don’t add another print that competes. 


Just because you can’t grow flowers in your garden year-round, does not mean you can’t incorporate them in your wardrobe. Florals are a year-round print. The key is, like with any print, to choose the styles and colors that are season appropriate.

So there you have some simple guidelines to wearing floral prints. If you have any questions or topics you’d like covered on the blog, please shoot them over to me through my connect page.

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